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A Case Study on Restoring Flat Roofs with Existing Solar Panels.

Imagine this: your roof is letting in rain, but you have solar panels! Taking them off to fix the roof seems like a big pain. Here's a story about how we helped someone in that exact situation keep their sunshine and save money.

The Problem: Fixing a Flat Roof with Solar Panel.

Deteorated patch on the flat roof.

One of our customers had a flat roof with solar panels on parts of it. The roof was starting to show signs of trouble, letting in rainwater. They didn't want the hassle of taking off the solar panels to fix it, though. Taking them off and putting them back on can be expensive and time-consuming.

The Solution: Silicone Roof Rescue!

Luckily, there's a new way to fix flat roofs without messing with the solar panels: silicone roof restoration. It's like painting a special waterproof layer right on top of your existing roof. Here's the best part: we can do it without removing the solar panels!

Working Around the Sun: A Careful Fix

Flat roof restoration. A base layer with bleed blocker.

Just because we don't touch the panels doesn't mean it's a quick fix. We carefully lift the panels and put them on temporary stands. This gives us enough space to clean the roof underneath, fix any cracks or holes, and put down a layer with bleed blocker to prevent discoloration of the silicone. Then, we apply a high-quality silicone coating on the whole roof, making sure it covers everything, even under the panels.

The Happy Ending: A Fixed Roof and Happy Sun!

The whole process went smoothly, and the homeowner barely even noticed. Most importantly, the water worries were gone! The roof looked brand new and was totally protected from the weather elements. But the best part? The solar panels were still there, working perfectly and saving them money on their electricity bills.

Flat roof restoration with Silicone System.

Thinking About Fixing Your Flat Roof with Solar Panels?

This story shows how new technology can help you save money and avoid a big hassle. If your flat roof with solar panels is giving you trouble, don't worry! We can take a look and see if silicone roof restoration is the right option for you. We'll make sure your roof is fixed and your sunshine keeps shining!


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