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Roof Repair Today. Tar and Gravel Roof Repair.


Explore high-quality, affordable roof repairs at Roof Repair Today in New Mexico, where we take care of your roofing problems with skill and care. We're dedicated to providing top-notch service because we know how important a good roof is.

Got leaks in one part of your roof? It's usually smarter to fix the whole area at once instead of fixing each leak one by one throughout the year.


If you spot a leak in your roof, it's important to fix it right away. Water can travel far inside your home, making it hard to find where it's coming in. This can quickly cause a lot of damage and be expensive to repair.

A leak can do more than just damage your roof and ceiling; it can threaten your entire home's structure. Ignoring it is the worst thing you can do.

We understand how urgent a leaking roof is. We'll come quickly to check it out, explain what needs to be done, and fix it without suggesting unnecessary extra services. We always inspect the whole roof to catch any other potential problems.

Roof Repair Today. Tar and Gravel Roof Repair.
Roof Repair Today. Canale Repair.


  •    The most common problems of leaking scuppers are:

  • Cracks around scupper.

  • Holes inside scupper.

  • Failure of the gutter box.

  • Debris at scupper.

  • Water ponding at scupper.

  • The scupper is way too small.

  • Improper installation.

  •    If the scupper was not properly installed or too old, it definitely has to be replaced.


When a skylight isn't working right, it can let water in and make your home more humid. This extra moisture can cause mold to grow. Skylights might start leaking due to a few reasons:

  • The sealing around them is old or wasn't done correctly.

  • There are cracks in the frame around the glass.

  • It doesn't open or close right.

  • In places that are very damp or cold, water can build up under the glass because the seal isn't tight.

Roof Repair Today. Capsheet Roof Repair.
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