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Your roof is like your home's shield, protecting it from the elements. Over time, it might need replacing due to wear and tear. At Roof Repair Today, we provide Roof Replacement Services for different types of roofs: metal, shingles, and flat roofs.

Roof Repair Today. Shingles Roof Replacement.

Shingle Roof Replacement:

Shingle roofs are popular for their affordability and versatility. But shingles can get damaged or worn over time. Our Shingle Roof Replacement Services provide a range of shingle materials, styles, and colors to match your home's style. We'll remove your old shingles, check the structure underneath for issues, and install top-quality shingles that can handle tough weather conditions. Say goodbye to leaks and ugly shingles with our professional shingle roof replacement.

Flat Roof Replacement:

When it comes to roof replacement in Albuquerque, homeowners seek solutions that offer durability, reliability, and superior weather protection. That's where our Resisto Capsheet roofing system, complete with a robust 40-mil underlayment, stands out. Ideal for Albuquerque's unique climate, this roofing material ensures your home stays protected against the elements.

Resisto Capsheet’s 40-mil underlayment is not just any layer; it's a fortress designed to shield your home from moisture, UV rays, and the wear and tear of harsh weather conditions. Its superior durability means your roof replacement isn't just an update—it's an upgrade.

From the intense sun to unexpected rainstorms, Albuquerque’s weather demands a roof that can handle it all. Resisto Capsheet’s weather-resistant qualities make it the ideal choice for local homes, ensuring your roof remains intact and your home dry and comfortable year-round.

Flat roofs can pose a challenge with water pooling. Our solution? Tapered slope insulation under the Resisto Capsheet, ensuring water drains properly, thereby extending your roof’s lifespan and enhancing its performance.

Roof Repair Today. Capsheet Roof Replacement.
Roof Repair Today. Metal Roof Replacement.

Metal Roof Replacement:

Pro Panel metal roofs are designed to endure. Constructed from high-quality metal, these roofs withstand severe weather conditions, from scorching summer heat to icy winter storms, making them a smart investment for Albuquerque residents.

Reflecting the sun's rays, Pro Panel metal roofs can significantly reduce cooling costs during hot New Mexico summers. Their energy-efficient design helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, lowering your energy bills.

With a variety of colors and styles available, Pro Panel metal roofing complements any home design. Whether you're aiming for a modern or traditional look, you'll find an option that enhances your home's curb appeal.

Our Roof Restoration Process:

Our Roof Replacement Services are based on years of experience and a commitment to doing great work. Whether you have a metal, shingle, or flat roof, our team is ready to help. Protect your home and your investment by choosing Roof Repair Today for top-quality roof replacement services, made just for you.

Don't wait until roof problems get worse. Contact us today for a chat and a free estimate. We're here to make sure your roof is strong and dependable for years to come.

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