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Tax Advantages of Silicone Roof.

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Okay, so you want to get a new roof, and for some reason, you’ve been considering choosing the silicone roof coating. Silicone roofs are one of the best roof coatings that money can buy. Many people opt for these roofs for many reasons; for their resilience, its energy-saving qualities, and guess the best part, its cost-saving benefits.

Silicone are an incredibly great option for people who want to restore the appearance and state of their roofs while steering away from the traditional options that usually require a very huge financial investment.

Now, whether you are here to read about the tax advantages of getting a silicone roof coating or you just want to know more about the tax implications of getting new roofs, you are in the right place. In this article, you’ll discover the immense tax advantages of Silicone roofs. Then, we’ll show you why it works that way, and who knows? You might even decide to benefit from it too! But first, what is a Silicone roof?

What is a Silicone Roof?

A Silicone roof coating used to protect and extend the life of a roof. It works with a wide range of substrates, and that is one of the reasons why it is favored by many people. When you see people using the Silicone roof coating, it is mostly to restore and repair an old roof, and it is quite popular because it ages better than most coatings without getting hard or brittle. It is a seamless coating that works well for the roof and prevents water from entering the house.

So, all around, Silicone roofs are an amazing choice, but let’s focus on the main point of the day: its tax advantages!

What if we told you that using silicone can give your budget a major break? Oh yes, it can. When you use Silicone, your roof is fully tax-deductible for the first year. Most people get their roofs fixed with Silicone, not just because they want a renovation, but also because they want to save money while doing it.

Well, it’s not so difficult to see why there are tax advantages and cost-saving benefits attached to this particular roof coating. You’ll understand better if we compare a Silicone roof coating used for maintenance and a traditional roof that is completely torn off to be replaced.

The Tax Implications of Roof Repair/ Maintenance Versus That of Roof Improvement.

Let’s build on this foundation before we even begin. For you to know the tax advantages of using Silicone roof coatings, you must first understand that there are strictly defined differences between repairs or maintenance and the replacement of any building.

The main reason why there are more tax advantages to using Silicone roof coating instead of removing and replacing your roof is that Silicone roof coatings are generally seen as maintenance. As opposed to fixing a completely brand new roof, and they are waved off that same year in most cases.

On the other hand, roofs that are torn off and replaced with new ones aren’t seen as maintenance, but rather as an improvement on the old ones because of this, it has to be capitalized for a long period, especially if the building is commercial. This period can last for a couple of decades.

The tax regulations surrounding the use of roof coatings and traditional roofs might sound a bit complex, and sometimes it can be really difficult to differentiate between what counts as a roof repair or maintenance and what counts as a roof replacement, but it’s not that difficult.

The simpler explanation would be that Silicone roof coatings are usually used to restore and maintain old roofs. For example, when the old substrate has started degrading or leaking. Since Silicone roof coatings are usually used for maintenance, installing a GE product over the old, damaged roof is only seen as repair service or roof maintenance, and that is why the cost is usually written off in the same year.

Even though you already have this as a guide, you still need the expertise of others. It is still advisable to get proper engineering and accounting experts to properly handle the regulations involving your roof installation. Apart from this, another wise thing to do would be to get a Tangible Property Study, which will help you to know the tax benefits, if the future expenditures will be expensed in the same year of being incurred, or if they would be capitalized.

You Can Get Rewarded for Using It!

Many people are becoming more and more drawn to the idea of using GE Silicones roof coatings for their private homes and commercial establishments because of how much they stand to gain. Energy companies even go as far as rewarding people who use the silicone roof because of its energy-saving qualities and how it reduces the amount of electricity being used.

Silicone roof coatings are mostly white. This gives a highly reflective ability, making it effortlessly reflect the sun rays away from the building. Thereby, causing a much cooler structure and reducing the need to use the air conditioner. It saves energy in the long run. To enjoy this benefit, you’ll have to contact your energy provider so that you can check if you are qualified.

What Is Stopping You from Using GE Silicone Roofs?

You’ve seen it for yourself. Silicone roof coating is a prime choice for people who know what they want from a roof. When we want to talk about the many benefits of GE Enduris roof coatings, there’s the ability to withstand extreme temperature, its energy-saving features, its compatibility with many different substrate types, its durability, and its solid warranty. Let’s not forget the important benefit, which is its immense tax advantages and cost-saving qualities.

When you compare Silicone roof coatings to many other options available on the market, you’ll see that everything about this roof coating is unbeatable. That makes it a great choice for you. Are you all about having your roof look amazing while saving money and time and benefiting from its advantages?

If your answer was yes (and we are hoping it is), then you are in luck because you can easily place your order today! Silicone roof coating is amazing, and no matter what criteria you view it from, they stand out and perform exceptionally on all sides, don’t miss out on a fantastic deal, and decide to give your roof the love it deserves today!


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