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How Roof Repairs Can Save You A Lot Of Money?

Updated: May 13, 2022

"If you run from a leaking roof, you'll end up with the flood."

A well-maintained shelter with a periodically repaired and preserved roof structure is as crucial as oxygen, water, food, and clothing for us all.

Curious why roof repair is an inevitable aspect of home maintenance!?

The roof is an integral part of your house. Utmost care, Inspection, and Maintenance are the essential factors for giving a good life span to the roof. 

The factors responsible for damaging the roofing system includes:

  • Inadequate maintenance like clogged gutters, untrimmed trees, moss build-up, damaged shingles, metal framing rusting and accumulation of debris.

  • Environmental conditions like ultraviolet rays of the sun, strong winds, heavy hail, snow, ice.

  • Installation errors.

A regular roof repair can save you a lot of money in the long run. If something significant goes wrong, it can cost a considerable sum to replace the entire structure later. On the other hand, yearly roof repair and maintenance is relatively inexpensive. 

A roof that is not in good shape can cost higher expenses in the following or more ways:

  • Increased heating and cooling bills as lesser protection against outdoor temperatures

  • Water leakage may spoil your costly items like furniture and home insulation system

  • In extreme cases, leakage in electrical spaces may cause electricity failure or even fire.

Roof repair may sound like an expansive affair initially. But as a long-term investment, a regular repair can help you save tens of thousands of dollars or more if you have to rebuild the entire roof again?).

How can you extend the service life of your roof?

Keeping the roof in top condition is imperative because this is one of the most important things for home maintenance. Roof maintenance essentially involves keeping it clean. The roof will deteriorate quickly without cleaning up moss and debris. The more it breaks down, the weaker it becomes and eventually leaks. 

The process of extending the service life of your roof involves a great deal of effort, time, and money. It may seem like you're saving money by skipping out on cleaning your gutters or repairing your roof. However, it could cost you significantly huge later. 

Sometimes there are several leaks on one section of your home roof, and you want to avoid roof repair a couple of times a year. Or sometimes, you want to restore the whole roof so that you don't need yearly roof repair sessions. 

Roof Repair Today helps with both - whole roof restoration and one section restoration. What more?

You get a five year, no-leak guaranteed workmanship warranty with peace of mind as a freebie from us. 


Why is roof repair recommended over roof replacement?

The most effective measure to keep your roof in good condition is timely care and repair. Regular maintenance and timely roof repair can add up years to the life of a roof. 

No doubt, new installation of roofing is always a costly affair than repairing the existing roof. According to a survey, depending on the type of repair, roof repair costs can range anywhere between $300 to $700 for minor repairs and up to $3,000 for major repairs. Whereby a total roof replacement can cost more than $9,000.

The damage level of the roof determines if it can be possibly repaired instead of replaced. 

If the roof can retain good condition post-repair, replacement is not needed.

Generally, a roof requires replacement only every 20- or 30-years post-installation (50+ for metal roofs). If extreme damage has been sustained on the roof, an early replacement is recommended. Else timely repair is the best remedy.


Here are the reasons why roof replacement is costly,

and timely roof repair is a safer bet.

  1. Roofing material costs are shooting north.

  2. The cost of material used in the roofing projects keeps on hiking, be it tiles and shingles. The cost of materials has already doubled up in the last few years. Additionally, the cost of disposing of old and damaged materials has also increased manifold in the past few years. 

  3. Quality labor is priced higher. You never want unskilled or inexperienced labor to perform your house roof repair, installation or maintenance task. As quality labor is always in demand, their prices are constantly increasing. So, it is suggested to get the minor damages repaired early by expert roof repairers.  

  4. Cost of common roof repair problems.

  5. Asphalt shingles are the most common roof type in the US. Also, these are the cheapest to replace, with the wooden roof being a little expensive and metal shingles being the costliest ones.

  6. The average cost of replacing or repairing a ten-by-ten ft.² section of roofing surface with asphalt shingles is around $500-$1500.

  7. Metal roofs may cost on an average $750-$2500 for repairs. The cost includes improper installation and fixing of loose seams and/or rectifying any damaged fasteners on such roofs.

  8. Wood shakes or cedar shingles repair costs between $550-$1500 on average, whereby moss build-up or insect/critters damage to the wood shingles is restored.

  9. Flat and single-ply roof repair costs between $550-$1500, whereby a pooling water issue is addressed that causes minor roof sagging. It also involves repairing improper sealing of the underlying material.

  10. Slate and stone-like roof repair costs can average up to $2500 to repair improper installation or too tight nails causing tiles to prop up and finally resulting in leakage.

  11. Clay, concrete, and slate tiles increase the repair expense. But these are durable materials and hence have a longer lifespan.

Roof repair cost classification

Average roof repair cost ranges between $300-$1200 per repair call for homeowners where the job is primarily to repair the leaks by sealing the leak, replacing shingles and sealing the shingles. If a smaller area needs repair, and only a few shingles need repair, it may cost as little as $200.

High-end costs for roof repair range between $1500-$3500, whereby the repairs will be done to the material under the roof's outer layer and the damaged wood in the parts of the house, such as outer walls. Additionally, shingles will be replaced on sections of the roof.

The moderate roof repairs involve fixing and/or sealing missing fixtures, replacing shingles and flashing around these objects.

Chimney, vents, skylights and other fixtures on the roof might need repair, which will add up to the roof repair cost. However, if you choose an experienced contractor, you can save considerably on the roof repair cost as they have tools for these fixtures.

With leaky skylights, minor damage to rubber gaskets and flashing can be an issue. The quick remedy is the resealing with silicon of solar seal. If the damage is significant, like damaged flashing around the skylight or damaged seals in the skylight, the entire skylight needs to be re-flashed and replaced with a new one. An entire skylight re-flashing and/or replacement can cost between $1000-$3500 as the old shingles around the skylight needs to be removed and then re-shingled after replacing the skylight.

The roof repair cost can hike by $750-$950 or more for leaky chimneys. The chimney's structure needs to be fixed first so that the source of the roof problem can be determined with certainty.


Why should roof repair not be deferred?

It is difficult to determine the roof's condition by examining it from the ground or inside the home. Inspecting the roof from the close quarters and on the underside requires professional intervention to understand the extent of the damage and determine it to be normal wear and tear or major damage.

 If you ignore the roof repair initially, the problem grows into magnitude to call for complete roof replacement within months. Additionally, it will cost in 4 to 5 figures amount now.

Regular roof maintenance and repairing minor problems is the wisest approach.

  If your home has faced significant storms, it is almost mandatory to include the roof inspection in the home maintenance routine by a professional contractor who will inspect every aspect and place that you could have missed.

With the help of routine annual roof inspection, you can tackle minor problems when they arise with roof repair and add to the lifespan of your roof. Replacement could be a well-planned and decided project to be undertaken at the scheduled time rather than the urgent requirement to resolve a significant issue.

Get the roof repaired by a professional team.

It's no secret that a minor roof repair can quickly turn into a significant issue if it is neglected or performed incorrectly. Many people consider minor roof repair as a DIY project. However, contacting a professional roof repairer is highly recommended if uncertain about the damage aspects and repairs needed. Also, hiring a professional roof repair company encompasses safety concerns involved in roof leakage inspections.

Early inspection is a better technique to avoid the significant damage

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, you should check your roof twice a year in fall and spring when the weather is generally mild.

Anyone can perform an inspection. But, there's a significant difference between the inspection performed by you and that conducted by the professional. Select the best roof inspection services provider company that provides a roof repair facility. After the inspection, get your roof repair done in the shortest period. Ensure that the company has the best professionals and trainers to perform the work. Several roof repair companies offer roof repair services with different materials. 

For instance, Roof Repair Today offers silicone roof coatings that are a less cost-effective alternative for roof repair than any other roofing material installation. 


Contract with a company offering warranty on their services.

Roof repair and restoration is done with the long-term perspective for your house. Ensure that you get the repair and restoration work done with the contractor that provides years of warranty on their services. 

Roof Repair Today offers five years, no leak, guaranteed workmanship warranty on one section restoration.

The expert team of Roof Repair Today outline what is needed as a tune-up and help you make an informed decision. Also, the team will fix it up for you at the most affordable cost. 

What are you waiting for now? Book an appointment today!!

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