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Why Roof Tune-Up Makes Sense?

  • Small leaks

  • Selling your home

  • Increase the lifespan of your roof.

  • Prevent leaks from occurring.

  • Save you $1000's on costly future repairs.

  • Help catch potential problems early.


Why We Recommend Roof Tune-Up

   On average, a new roof costs from $7000 to $30,000. With a price tag that big, many contractors in New Mexico skip the repair recommendation and jump straight to the full replacement. We do everything we can to protect your house with all the existing components and only recommend the best materials when it makes the most financial and safety sense. Our goal is to earn your trust with honesty and dependability because we care.

   100% of tune-up costs will be applied to a new roof replacement or restoration in the future. After job completion, we include before & after photos.


Shingle/Tile Roof Tune-Up

  • Perform professional inspection of your roof.

  • Reattach loose or missed shingles/tiles.

  • Re- Caulk and seal vents, flashing, and any exposed nail holes.

  • Tighten any loose shingles/tiles and gutter attachments.

  • Reattach a loose ridge vent or any shingle/tile cap.

  • Provide our expert advice on any underlying problems or potential issues.

Gutter Tune-Up

   The most common problems of leaking scuppers are:

Cracks around scupper., Holes inside scupper, Failure of the gutter box, Debris at scupper, Water ponding at scupper, The scupper is way too small, Improper installation.

   If the scupper was not properly installed or too old, it definitely has to be replaced. Our professional roofers can do it for a price starting from $500.

Cleaning a Rain Gutter
  • Visual inspection of the gutters

  • Clean up all the gutters inside.

  • Caulk and seal gutters, end caps, outlets, and miter joints.

  • Tighten gutters and downspouts using current fasteners.

  • Test for proper water flow.

  • Visually inspect ground drainage.

This service does not include the removal of gutter guard products and does not include dislodging or cleaning debris from downspouts.


Flat Roof Tune-Up

  • Inspect and Diagnose all roof areas.

  • Remove All Debris from the Roof.

  • Clean/Wash and prepare all surfaces.

  • Seal penetrations, seams, vents, air docks, Air Conditioning units at platforms, corners, curbs, drain areas/scuppers/canales, flashings , old patches and cracks, exposed tar areas, blisters and nail heads

  • The roof membrane in the field will be inspected for cracks, splits, blisters, openings joints, seams, gaps and splices, any which are located will be primed with bleed blocker primer and sealed with Flashing Liquid and Reinforcing Fabric  will be applied to prevent water intrusion.

  • Remove all debris associated with our phase of the project.

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