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The Invincible Roof: The Solution to Your Problematic Leaking Roof.

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Roofs are important, and very often, we underestimate their contribution in providing maximum comfort to us in our homes. It’s no news that we struggle to be comfortable when our roofs are not in order. 

How many times have you wondered why your tar and gravel roof experiences significant leaking? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you. Tar and gravel roofs are flat, and this gives room for water to seep through any opening or crack. Roofs are a very important part of your house, so they must be well built and structured. 

What if we told you that the reason why you are having roof problems is that you are not using a roof that works for you? Yes, that tar and gravel roof might have been recommended by someone whose judgment you trust, but when you want to consider a lot of factors like durability lifespan, you’ll see that there are so many reasons why you need to let go of that built-up roof:

Disadvantages of using tar and gravel roofs.

1. It’s Incredibly Heavy

Tar and gravel roofs are very, very heavy. They are so heavy that you may have to strengthen the support for the roof to be properly hoisted. The main thing you would notice about tar and gravel roofs is the significant roof weight that would be added to your roof structure. 

The packed-on layers can result in up to 10 pounds per square in some cases. This heavyweight can be detrimental to your roof structure if it is not strong enough to support it. If you are not a fan of heavy roofs, it’s time to say bye to your tar and gravel roof.

2. It’s Difficult to Find Leaks

Your tar and gravel roof aren’t immortal, and it’s going to have faults someday, faults that will need fixing. Therein lies the problem. When this happens (it will eventually), you would want it to be quickly sorted out, wouldn’t you? 

That doesn’t usually work well with tar and gravel roofs because it’s very difficult to find leaks in them. Because of the multiple layers of roofing, the water that leaks through can travel to a different spot on the roof, making you feel the defect is from that spot when it’s not. It’s a long and difficult task of removing the gravel to check the tar layer or digging up the layers of gravel to reach the base layer. All this takes a whole lot of time, effort, and you know the drill, money!  

3. It Easily Breeds Mold

Imagine we asked you to spill out a list of qualities you want your roof to have. We are pretty sure that list would never include a roof that is prone to mold! No one wants that. 

The truth is tar and gravel roofs can easily trap water in those layers of gravel, the water takes a slow time to evaporate, and this moisture begins to trap and breed growing mold. You probably know this already, but just so you know, mold is not your roof’s friend. It spreads through the entire roof and causes a lot of damage like a week, rotten roof and even more serious issues like allergic reactions, shortness of breath, sinusitis, and nasal congestion. 

4. It Can Get Toxic

So, it might even be more worrisome to discover that it’s not just the mold that tar and gravel roof breeds that is toxic. When installing the roof, workers usually heat bitumen, and this releases toxic fumes. Hot applied built-up roofs produce fumes that are harmful to health.

5. It is Not Very Weather Resistant

All roofs will eventually be exposed to harsh weather at some point, whether you like it or not. As much as you would want to protect your roof from harsh weather, it’s meant to be the other way around. Your roof is supposed to be able to resist harsh weather and protect you and your home. Sometimes, tar and gravel roofs may be found wanting in this aspect. 

Intense sun rays and exposure can cause significant damage to the membrane of the roof if it is not covered by the layer of gravel. During episodes of strong, harsh winds, the rocks might be blown off the roof. Guess what; rain and snow aren’t left out of the equation either. Tar and gravel roofs don't do so well in places that get a lot of rain and snow, and this can be a problem as it is not recommended if you live in such a place.

6. Messy and Slow Installation

The general view is that during the installation process, the tar and gravel roof is very smelly and messy. Apart from this, it takes a relatively long amount of time to install it. The time taken to install it can be annoying if you don’t have the patience for it.

Tar and gravel roofs are not entirely bad, but they are fast going out of style, and you need to move on with updated roofing techniques that are durable and last long. 

You don’t have to keep struggling with your problematic roof. Stop getting frustrated with your roof when you can do something about it. There’s a solution. Come on now. We’ll show you what it is.

What is the Invincible Roof?

It’s called the invincible or bulletproof roof because of the highly effective features that it possesses. With this roof, you don’t have to worry about the leaking you’re facing with your built-up roofing. The invincible roof is made up of two main ingredients that give it the resilience it has.

First, Castagra Ecodur works as a base layer because of the excellent adhesion and hardness it has when it has cured. The second important ingredient it has is the GE silicone which serves as the top layer and keeps the roof cool because of how it reflects the sun rays. In case these two ingredients sound unfamiliar to you. Let's take a deeper look into the components of these two ingredients and how they work together to give you a bulletproof roof.

What is Castagra Ecodur?

Long lifespan, durability, sustainability, and waterproofness are the words that are associated with using Castagra Ecodur. This amazing roof coating is incredibly flexible and will stand the test of time even when other roof coatings have failed. Castagra Ecodur also does pretty well in being environmentally friendly, it is VOC free, and harsh chemicals are not added. It might also interest you to know that it is made with natural ingredients that make it safe.

Amazing Features Castagra Ecodur

1. Its Adhesion is Fantastic

Castagra Ecodur is one of the best roof coatings out there when it comes to adhesion. It bonds to the substrate at the molecular level, unlike some other roof coatings that bond to substrates at the mechanical level. 

The Castagra Ecodur roof coating is so strong that it bonds excellently to a wide range of surfaces from steel, to wood, to asphalt, to concrete, and a whole lot of other substrates. With the super intense adhesion (up to 3 times more than regular coatings) that Castagra Ecodur contributes to the invincible roof, you won’t be disappointed.

2. Easy Application

Unlike a lot of other roof coatings, Castagra Ecodur is easy to apply. The workers that will handle your installation don’t have to spend a lot of time prepping the site for application. You get to enjoy reduced costs in the long run since the workers don’t have to spend time or labor for the installation of your roof.

3. It Lasts Long

Castagra Ecodur is synonymous with longevity, and that is very important because what is the whole point of spending a good amount of money on a roof that will fall apart the next month? Even after long years of use, it was still discovered that this roofing has lifetime repairability and flexibility and this particular feature is appealing because who doesn’t want value for their money?

What is GE Enduris?

GE silicones are long-lasting, energy-conserving roof coatings that work well for both new roofing projects and old roof restoration projects. With this roof coating, you’ll find that your roof will be more resistant to harsh weather including wind, intense sun, and heavy rainfall or snow that threaten to destroy your roof. The roof coating is being backed up by world-class technical support, and just like Castagra Ecodur, they pair well with plenty of substrates out there like metal, bitumen, and even built-up roofing.

Benefits of GE Silicones 

1. GE Silicones Protect Your Roof from The Harsh Weather

Even in times of serious temperature fluctuations, you can rest assured that your roof will stand firm because GE silicones are made of 100% silicones, which means they can expand and contract in response to the changing temperature without any trouble at all. In times of very low temperatures, the roof coating will not freeze. So, through sun and rain, the GE silicone roof coating stands tall.

2. Improved Energy Efficiency

We all want to save money and cut costs, especially when it comes to energy and electricity bills in our homes. GE silicone roof coatings are white, so they do not absorb heat. Rather, they reflect the sun and ultraviolet rays and improve the energy-saving capacity of the building, thereby reducing the amount of energy being consumed so you can end up saving money on your energy bills.

3. It is Durable

The durability of GE silicones is unmatched. It is very resistant to ponding water, harsh weather, and leaking. Its durability is proved by the number of years it can last without it degrading like some other roofs. It is backed up by a warranty of up to 25 years.

The two components, Castagra Ecodur and GE Silicones make a bomb pair for excellent roofing! You might have suffered from all the repeated repairs and maintenance of your tar and gravel roof, but all that can come to an end. The bulletproof roof formula was designed to provide a 100% trustworthy solution to all your roof issues. 

There’s never being a better solution, and the results will blow your mind. Sure, you’ll need to part with a few notes, but you can be sure that you’ll get back amazing value when you purchase your bulletproof roof from us. 

No more leaking. No more roof problems. It sure is worth it.

Benefits of Choosing the Invincible Roof

Individually, Castagra Ecodur and GE Silicones are pretty great choices for roofing, but when used as a base layer and top layer respectively, they can work super amazing magic in your roof. These are some of the things you stand to benefit by choosing to get your invincible roof;

1. Restoration of Your Tar and Gravel Roof

We already established the fact that built-up roofs degrade over time. If you’ve done a recent assessment of your tar and gravel roof, you’ll most likely notice that it is old, and it may be even worse, leaking. 

It gets really difficult to find the source of the problem when the roof involved is tar and gravel, let alone finding a solution to it. The good news is the invincible roof was designed for that purpose. With this roof, old leaking built-up roofs will be a thing of the past for you.

2. It is Sustainable

The bulletproof roof is an environmentally friendly choice as there are no VOCs, no harsh chemicals, and no toxicity. It is made out of materials that are odorless and thus safer for use.

3. It Saves Your Money in The Long Run

Sure, right now, it might look like the bulletproof roof is a tad bit too expensive, but let’s do a little mental exercise first to assess things. Imagine you wanted a tar and gravel roof, and it was so cheap that for that reason, you got it installed without thinking much. 

Now imagine that not long after, the roof began to display signs of degradation and accumulation of water. 

Think of how much you would need to spend hiring people to come and evaluate the situation and how much it would cost to either completely replace the roof or begin a restoration project. 

Wouldn’t you wish you could go back in time and get that longer-lasting roof even though it might cost you a few extra notes initially? You’ll save more money in the long run when you choose to get the invincible roof for your home.

4. You’ll Enjoy Super Adhesion and Premium Energy Saving

Castagra Ecodur and GE Enduris Silicones lend their mind-blowing adhesion and energy-saving properties to the invincible roof. When you get this roof, you'll have a fantastic installed roof that is durable with sun rays reflective properties.

Final Words

The combined 2 in 1 magic of the bulletproof roof is second to none. It features the adhesive power of the Castagra Ecodur and the reflective/cooling power of the GE silicones that both come together for explosively effective roofing that will leave you happy for years to come. 

We weren’t joking when we called this super combination an “invincible roof”. 

It is practically invincible to the harsh forces that often destroy weak roofs. You can now go about your business unbothered because you know that your roof is in good hands!

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